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Parents Page

Throughout previous years we have had many parents and students complain about not having sufficient information before starting a course with one of our training providers. The satisfaction and well-being of parents and students is key to us which is why we have created a parent page giving further information about TVC vocational:


How do vocational courses compare to mainstream educational qualifications?

  • Level 3 is equivalent to 3 x A-Level’s grade A-C
  • Level 2 is equivalent to 4 x GCSE’s grade A-C



What are the typical transport arrangements between the school, student and training provider?

  • Some schools provide transport
  • Some schools cover the cost of public transport
  • The majority of students are expected to make their own way to their training provider – Please speak to the schools 6th form vocational head



What are the benefits of a vocational qualification?

  • Subject specific, focusing on an area of study/ practice that the student chooses to pursue
  • Directly linked to the students chosen career path or industry
  • Combination of theory and practical, enabling a student to be practically competent as well as knowledgeable, before entering the world of work
  • Work placements linked to the students chosen career path, supported by the school and training provider about rolex replica



Can my son/ daughter get support with Maths and English?

  • Yes – we offer GCSE and Functional skills in both subjects
  • Needs to be confirmed by school



Is my son/ daughter entitled to their bursary still if they attend a training provider?

  • Yes – training providers work in partnership with schools, therefore students can access their bursary as per normal




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